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Meshach Browning Trail System and History Center

Welcome to the Meshach Browning History Center! The MBHC was initiated in 2019 with the opening of the 6 mile trail system and a historical exhibit at the trailhead themed around the life and times of Meshach Browning.  Meshach Browning (1781-1859) was one the earliest settlers of what would become Garrett County and author of Forty-Four Years of the Life of a Hunter (1859). His book recounts many of his hunting expeditions, while providing details about pioneer life in this area during the early 1800’s. Browning was selected by the Club as the theme of the trails due to the strong local connection, the fact that one of his original homesteads was within a mile of the MCP, and that his book provides ample and illustrative material for development of interesting content.

You can find information on the trails, historical panels and artwork at The Meshach Browning History Center site online!

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The History Center consists of a series of interpretive panels to provide visitors with an educational experience about Browning and pioneer life in western Maryland, while pointing out additional locations in the county to find out more. We have also sponsored the creation of a multi-piece outdoor arti installation themed around Browning. The art pieces now include:
• Chainsaw carved wooden sculpture of Browning
• Reclaimed welded metal sculpture of Browning taking aim at a buck
• Mosaic of community-decorated 3D printed panels of Browning
• Photo stand-in panel showing Browning being chased by a family of bears
• Mosaic of recycled plastic bottlecaps showing Browning surveying a mountain sunset

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